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Welcome to my website for Associate Leather Restorations, I'm Chris Gurney; well past my sell by date, and rated as a Master Upholsterer. My aim is to pass on tips to extend the life of your leather furniture, and for those of you local to Croydon Surrey, offer practical help. My personal service is to rescue existing furniture. Whilst complete re-upholstery of a three-piece suite is well within my skills, this is not the type of practical work my service is geared up to. A vast volume of my work is replacing cushion tops, new arms, re padding, and cleaning. On the cleaning side it's not uncommon to have small areas of colour loss, these can be vastly improved as colour matching is part of our service. See more on the available service.

Leather restoration Leather restoration
Leather restoration Leather restoration

A typical job re-padding and cleaning, plus adding our colour feed to the warn areas

Leather restorations not just a name but more a service, your well loved leather suite needs some TLC (tender loving care) after supporting a growing family, my service will do just that. I notice that yellow pages is swelling on the leather restoration sections, franchising services of this kind must be profitable. A brief story which took place 9 months ago at my workshops will interest you. This very smart new van, beautifully sign written, was parked outside. The owner was purchasing odd items relating to upholstery like springing and button string etc, whilst reading off a sheet of paper. I suspected he had a limited knowledge, and asked him how long he had been doing leatherwork. He was going out to action work from insurance leads, and these were his very first jobs!

Be warned guys, it takes 5 years to learn basic upholstery, a further 2 years to progress into colouring leather. How do you vet out the doggy ones, easy, ask to visit their workshops before you allow them to practice on your suite.

Leather Restoration

This is a typical job replacing seat cushion tops and piping. Hairline cracks in the back leather can be disguised with our colour feed system. Another area that wears is the top front of the arm which can split, this section can be replaced saving a replacement of the whole arm.

For myself thirty-Four years as an upholsterer and nine of those specializing in leatherwork gives me a vast amount of experience in the problems you are likely to have. A visit to my premises will be welcome and the kettle never gets cold.

For those of you in the Croydon area requiring help, go to the contact page. As the scarlet pimpernel could take lessons from me you are advised to ring before visiting. One last thing, I am known as 'Chris of Croydon', which is THE upholsterers in Selsdon, Croydon, Surrey. I trained 16 people in this skill, today my son does general upholstery from there. Whilst all my sons and son-in-laws are upholsters, you will be please to know my daughter Michelle has gone that extra mile to learn the leather trade. To this end from Crawley to Dorking, Redhill to Sutton, this service is now available to YOU.

Leather restoration Leather restoration

Father and Daughter in one of out two workshops, Michelle lives in Redhill, hence the expansion to areas in her locality. The picture was not planned so I will get it in the neck for not letting her get her hair done. At least you will recognise us when we call to extend the life of your suite.



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Associate leather restorations